I can count the people who call me Wifey on one hand—they are a very select few—but it is by far my most beloved nickname. I was baptized Wifey over a dozen years ago by dear friends I met through my then-fiancé (later husband and now former husband). While I’m now without husband, it has not diminished my “Wifey-ness,” which, from what I am told, has little to do with actually being married and more to do with the way I live. 
Traditionally speaking, a wife is a woman that is nurturing, creates a home, plans a social life, and manages a household. Everything she does, she does well and enjoys doing. In the 1970s she also became the woman who could “bring home the bacon, fry it up in a pan…” while still managing to find time to read to her children and never let her husband forget he was a man… (cue vintage Enjoli commercial).
 Being Wifey includes all the things I love–a knowledge of and appreciation of books, art, and beautiful fashion and design, alongside the ability assemble furniture and change a fuse in my car. I love good food and entertaining well, as much as I enjoy the opportunity to shoot skeet or ride horses. While I have not had children, I nurture my Thoroughbred and my Basset Hound as dotingly as any mother, and love spending time with my friends and family. 
Though no longer a wife, I’m still undoubtedly Wifey. While I did my best to live up to the my own expectation of the moniker while I was married, sometimes I think it suits me now more than ever.
So welcome to Wifey! CHIC posts will focus on fashion and style, while posts labelled GLAMOROUS will feature beauty-related content. Food, drink, and recipes will be shared under the DELICIOUS tag; and good reading, news, and entertainment items will fall under the category of ENGAGING.
Under the IN TOWN and IN THE COUNTRY labels you’ll find places to go and things to do, in and out of the city; while AT HOME tags all things related to home and garden, including entertaining.  FRIENDLY is the category I’ve designated for posts relating to our animal companions. Last, but not least, LOVELY is the descriptor for posts related to love and life–posts about family, friends, and relationships that are inspiring, encouraging, and simply put, lovely.
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