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Sunday Cooking with My Mother

Almost every Sunday during my childhood my mother made fresh pasta. She’d pull out the wooden board–handmade by my father for that specific purpose–and within minutes flour, egg, and water would turn into fresh dough. She would knead and re-knead it, let it rest. Then she cut it, rolled it out, cut it into smaller pieces and soon the table would be lined with tiny orrechiette, or cavatelli,  fusilli, or tagliatelle.

When I moved out on my own, my father made me a pasta board, knowing how much I loved to cook (and to eat homemade pasta). But, unfortunately, the only action my board ever saw was the rolling out of pre-made pizza dough purchased from the market! Life just seemed to take over and my parents visits never seemed to include enough time for a homemade pasta lesson.

It’s taken a while, but I finally managed to get that lesson from my mother and put my beloved pasta board to proper use. 

There’s no better way to spend a chilly winter Sunday than cooking with my mom. For now, enjoy these photos from a great afternoon in the kitchen. I’ll soon be sharing the proper recipe for my mother’s pasta dough.

Buon appetito!

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A Mother’s Day Dozen

Happy Mother's Day!



Mother’s day is only days away, but there’s still time to get a thoughtful gift for the woman who is always there for you. So here are a dozen ideas that will make your “Best. Mom. Ever.” smile.

1. Vince Camuto Ink Blot silk scarf: $58, VinceCamuto.com

2. “Best. Mom. Ever.” t-shirt by Choies: $19, Choies.com

3. Mother’s Day Card by Rifle Paper Co.: $4.50, RiflePaperCo.com

4. New Growth Designs, Larger White Peony Faux Flowers: $920 (not a typo), BergdorfGoodman.com

5. Happy Elephant Rosa by Monica Strigel, iPhone 6 case: $40, Castify.com

6. Agraria Lavender & Rosemary Bath Salts: $79, Amara.com

7. Diane von Furstenberg “Frankie” crocodile effect leather cuff: $134, MatchesFashion.com

8. Smartphone connected ring by Ringly: from $195, Ringly.com

9. Diptyque Scented Candle, Mimosa: $60, BergdorfGoodman.com

10. “I love you Mom, and Here’s Why” Journal: $16, ShopTerrain.com

11. “Home Is Wherever Mom Is” Pillow Cover: $20, Etsy.com

12. Julie Nolan Zodiac Constellation Locket Necklace: $75, AhaLife.com


Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers, mothers-to-be, grandmothers, godmothers, mothers-in-law, and honorary other mothers out there! 


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A Mother’s Beauty

Mother's Day

This is not actually me and my mother, but one more than one occasion during my childhood this photo could very well have been taken of us.

A not-brief-enough power outage on Sunday kept me from posting my Mother’s Day thoughts…

I chose the image above because this is the kind of glamour that I saw in my mother as a child. In public she has always been beautiful, elegant–but with a quiet and conservative style that belied the glamour that I saw in her. Unaware of how lovely she is, she was never one to flaunt her beauty. Nor does she have the kind of personality that made other women feel anything less than beautiful themselves.

My mother stayed home and raised her three children. In the morning I remember her braiding my hair as I ate breakfast, multitasking because I was, more often than not, a late riser. She walked me to school and was there to walk me home. When it was time for bed she would come up and tuck me in, but if it had been a long and busy day, she would sometimes nod off beside me leaving me to escape downstairs to watch tv with my father.

She has always been a champion for her children, but has also always held us accountable for our actions. Every step of my life, for as long as I can remember, she has been there for me. In her subtle way, she has made me feel strong, smart, and beautiful–inside and out. 

How can I ever thank her?

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