The election is over, and whatever your vote, whatever your opinion, whoever your choice for President, I think it’s time we gathered with friends and family–especially those who have tested our patience over these last months–and have a party free of  “Parties.”

Here are some things to enhance the festivities . . .



Make sure your guests know that the only things you’re serving are cocktails & escapism.

What’s your choice? Party Preference t-shirt by WILDFOX



Shake it up in style with a gold-accented  retro cocktail shaker.

New York Dot Cocktail Shaker by Kate Spade


Let your guests know that no matter who they voted for, you still think they’re fab . . .

Fabulous Cocktail Glass, by Easy Tiger


We can’t always get what we want from politics, but from the bar, well . . . the possibilities are endless!

Mrs. Lilien’s Cocktail Swatchbook


The DC-set TV series Scandal has a soundtrack of classic music, heavy on the Motown; sure to get everyone dancing rather than debating.

Music from the TV Series “Scandal”

So whatever happens in the weeks, months, and indeed, years to come, remember . . .

  • we have it better than pretty much most other places on earth
  • we have each other
  • and it’s always happy hour somewhere.



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