Back to Shcool

The “Back to School” season is generally seen as early fall–even late summer what with supplies for students filling the shelves not long after the Fourth of July (don’t even get me started on the seasonal marketing schedule). But this month is back to school again for the spring semester and I have to admit…I’d like to be going back myself.

As a child I loved the back-to-school shopping and getting new “school shoes” (yes, the shoe fixation goes that far back). But even through university and grad school I loved shopping for my books, starting a new notebook, and choosing my courses. I sometimes regretted my a choice or two, but even with a bad class thrown in here and there I miss school.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not the “student lifestyle” that I miss–it was fun, but it was by no means the best time of my life. It’s the learning I miss…no, really, it is! I have always been a voracious reader and I love learning new things. Maybe sometime in the not too distant future I’ll find myself able to be immersed in school again, but until then I’ll have to content myself with self-study…not to mention some of the trappings of a student who is “all grown up” now.

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