Mother's Day

This is not actually me and my mother, but one more than one occasion during my childhood this photo could very well have been taken of us.

A not-brief-enough power outage on Sunday kept me from posting my Mother’s Day thoughts…

I chose the image above because this is the kind of glamour that I saw in my mother as a child. In public she has always been beautiful, elegant–but with a quiet and conservative style that belied the glamour that I saw in her. Unaware of how lovely she is, she was never one to flaunt her beauty. Nor does she have the kind of personality that made other women feel anything less than beautiful themselves.

My mother stayed home and raised her three children. In the morning I remember her braiding my hair as I ate breakfast, multitasking because I was, more often than not, a late riser. She walked me to school and was there to walk me home. When it was time for bed she would come up and tuck me in, but if it had been a long and busy day, she would sometimes nod off beside me leaving me to escape downstairs to watch tv with my father.

She has always been a champion for her children, but has also always held us accountable for our actions. Every step of my life, for as long as I can remember, she has been there for me. In her subtle way, she has made me feel strong, smart, and beautiful–inside and out. 

How can I ever thank her?

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